MBK Group


Core Value



The Company has established cultural organization development committee and Learning Organization Activities working group to help employees to become aware and be part of the activities. This is the techniques in moving and enhancing organization vision by setting Company’s core value and continuously set up activities so that each individual in the organization can together put into practice. This will impact on behavior, which is said to be the standard of reaching the organization goals or vision.

“Learning Organization”

was established from all level of personnel’s learning and then knowledge is shared with each other and within the personnel, together with gaining knowledge from outside. The primary purpose of this is to give opportunities in seeking the best practice to use it in developing and building strong knowledge base of the organization which will be in time to the change and stability growth in a fierce business competitive and to achieve the vision of the organization and be the Learning Organization. We should have believes and hold on to the values and ways in practicing together which we called SMOOTH©

Service Mind

Responds customers’ need both inside and outside the organization; delivers service honestly; helps customers eagerly, able to improve and create any new idea for the purpose of enhancing quality of service, building good relationship with customers, achieving confidence and impression to the organization in the long run.

Merit & Integrity

Has good moral to comply with rules and regulations, corporate value and merit principle of the organization in good faith and is responsible for all participants and preserves interest of the organization by strictly complying with morality, moral principle.


Acknowledges to be a part of organization as if it is his/her own business taking into account of cost effiency among resources (budget, time, staff, tools equipment and so on) investing in creation of output.


Ability to communicate, listen and understand people or situation and eagers to adapt himself/herself to the different situations d listen to other persons' ideas in order to work efficiently in compliance with the organization's goal


Works with other people in good attitude, open minded; listens and shows respect to different ideas of another team member; communicates with other people efficiently, know and understand roles, responsibitlities of own jobs and others; has reponsibilities, co-operates, solves the problems and develop teams to achieve working task.

High Commitment

Devotes to accomplish goal set by the organization or higher; able to determine challenging goal and try to accomplish goal by himself or herself by using current resources to be most efficiently.

Continuous Learning

Focuses on learning new things or new attitude in order to improve own capability up until the level of experience to adapt and use of such knowledge in own duties and other works continuously for career success and achieving goal of the organization.

Leader of Change

Be able to initiate, foster, push personnel of the organization to acknowledge, understand, be confident in the benefit of change and proceed on the change up until completion for supporting development of organization in accordance with vision permanently.


Able to initiate, stimulate, push personnel of the organization to become aware of, understand, have confident on the benefit of change and to take procedures step so that the development of the organization in accordance with vision stays permanently.

People Development

Able to analyze and convince personnel to have enthusiasm in learning and developing own competency and change the way of working and system continually up until completion of goal and enhancement of duties as the organization expects.