MBK Group


Vision & Mission



The leading company managed by professionals with continuous and stable growth by investing in steady return-generated business with strong determination in producing wealth, reliability and trust for all related parties, in compliance with principles of good corporate governance


“Create freedom of happiness for everyone”

Mission Statement for Vision Achievement

  1. To strengthen and develop human resources in accordance with business expansion
  2. To develop marketing with the shoppers continuously
  3. To conduct bisiness in compliance with the principles of good corporate governace
  4. To continuously build up the unique brand and image of MBK Shopping Center
  5. To improve the appearance, atmosphere and image of MBK Shopping Center
  6. To increase customer satisfaction
  7. To develop the information technology, human resources and management system

Mission Statement for Stakeholders

  1. To provide sustainable returns to shareholders with, and transpatent management
  2. To set fair rental rates for tenants, select various tennants to respond to the needs of shoppers and to provide efficient services
  3. To conduct business with suppliers and contractors systematically and fairly
  4. To cooperate and share useful informantion with business partners and alliances for matual benefits
  5. To enhance the quality of working life of employees
  6. To comply with laws and government policies
  7. To maintain and protect the environment from pollution, To encourage and support the community and the society as well as the disadvantaged