MBK Group


CSR Policy


The sustainable development report of MBK Public Company Limited covers only the operation of MBK Public Company Limited and does not extend to the operation of the subsidiaries, joint businesses and partnerships. The report covers the information from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The report will be presented in line with the main objectives of the organization in 2015 in the scope of economics, environment and society. The report will present information with transparency and focus on every group of stakeholders. The key topics in this report are as follows:


Economic results


Energy efficiency and biological diversity


Employment; labor relation; safety and occupational health; training and education; diversity and equality in opportunities; equal pay among men and women; prohibition of child labor, conscript labor and forced labor; local community; public policy; health and safety of customers

The information in the report was collected from internal departments and outside stakeholders of the company, which include institutions in compliance, finance, human resources, occupational safety and environment, public sectors, educational institutions, etc. The information from stakeholders obtained directly through projects and social activities. The sustainable development report is generated and revised so that it is clear and easy to understand so that it can lead to the efficient operation that can achieve the company’s goals, visions and missions.